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作者: omwwmy4568    時間: 2013-2-13 12:02     標題: 生魚片拉麵

主料:藍藻面100克(100g blue-green alagae noodles) 生鮮大麻哈魚片100克(100g raw salmon slices) 白蘿蔔絲少許(shredded Chinese radish) 熟白芝麻少許 (cooked white sesame seeds as needed)(1) 柴魚高湯6杯() (6C bonito soup broth) 醬油1大匙(1T soy sauce) 鹽1/2茶匙(1/2t salt) (2) 綠芥末2大匙(2T wasabi paste) 醬油1大匙(1T soy sauce) 柴魚高湯1大匙 (1T bonito soup broth) 熟白芝麻1/2茶匙(1/2t cooked white sesame seeds)

1.將調味料(1)混合,煮開成煮面汁;調味料(2)拌勻成蘸汁備用。 2.把藍藻面放入沸水中煮約2分鐘撈出,再放入煮面汁中煮熟後,撈出瀝幹即盛入器皿中,表面撒上熟芝麻。 3.將白蘿蔔絲、大麻哈魚魚片放入另一器皿中,食用時和麵分別蘸食蘸汁即可。 1.Combine seasonings(1) well and bring to boil for cooking noodles. Combine seasoning (2) well to make dipping sauce. 2.Cook noodles in boiling water for about 2 minutes and remove to seasoning (1), then cook until done and remove to drain. Then place on serving plate and sprinkle surface with cooked sesame seeds. 3.Place shredded radish and salmon slices next to noodles,then serve dipping sauce on the side as a dip.Serve.
這裏是用生鮮大麻哈魚片,您也可以選自己喜愛的魚種來搭配。 Serve any kind of raw fish instead of salmon if desired.

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